Getting to Know the Electronic Functions on Your Boat

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While a motor powers your boat, the electrical system powers everything else. That is why it is smart for boat owners to know exactly how their boat’s electrical system functions. Newer boats, equipped with outboard motors, have complex electrical systems and it is important for owners to know how it functions and distributes power throughout the boat. Here’s a closer look at the major components that rely on your boat’s electrical system.


Outboard motors are equipped with two types of batteries, cranking and storage. The purpose of the cranking battery is to start the motor. Once the motor starts, the alternator keeps the motor running. The storage battery powers everything else on your boat, such as the bilge pumps, radios, power steering, bow thruster and more.

Battery switches are located on boats that have more than one outboard motor. These are used to control all the boat batteries. Another useful device for your boat’s electrical system is a smart charger. The function of a smart charger is to charge batteries on an as-needed basis. So, if one of your batteries starts to get low, the smart charger will recognize it and send a charge.

Circuit Breakers and Fuses

A circuit breaker functions just like it would in your home. Should you experience a power surge, the circuit breakers act as a defense mechanism to your boat’s electrical system. Circuit breakers are located in different places, but it is important to know their exact location. In the event of a power outage, you should be able to go right to the circuit breaker and restore power.

Fuses control the boat’s electronic devices that are not connected to individual circuit breakers. Most boats are equipped with a fuse panel which connects to various devices with power cables. It is a good idea to identify what kind of fuses are on your boat and then make it a point to stock up on replacement fuses. Navigational systems are often powered by these fuses, which makes stocking up on replacement fuses of vital importance.

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The New Era of Pontoon Boats

The days of the boring old pontoon boat are a thing of the past. No longer are pontoon boats just a pair of long aluminum tubes connected with a deck. Style, power and luxury have all become part of the new and improved brand of pontoon boats. Here’s a closer look at what functions the new era of pontoon boats can serve.

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Pontoon boats are made with a shallow draft that allows boaters to move into shallow fishing areas that might not be accessible with a power boat. There is also a good deal of stability that will keep a pontoon boat secure in wakes, winds and strong currents. That stability could help immensely with productive fishing. The pontoon’s large deck also leaves plenty of room for passengers to fish. It also serves as a stable setting in which children can learn to fish.

Water Sports

The traditional hull that was part of speed boats has now made its way into pontoon boats. That makes it easier to steer and capable of going much faster. Both of those are very important when it comes to waterskiing or tubing. Pontoon boats now have the option of using motors with higher horsepower, which means they can move just as fast as other types of boats.


Some pontoon boats for sale in Charlotte come standard or can be upgraded to luxury models with sleek, comfortable seating options and numerous features. There is also plenty of storage space to accommodate an all-day outing. Some models are even equipped with their own high-end grills. Entertaining out on the water is taken to a whole new level with the amount of luxury options available on pontoon boats. The add-on features are seemingly endless.


One of the main reasons that pontoon boats have recently developed such a widespread appeal is because of how well they handle. Tight turns are much easier and some models rise to plane in a matter of seconds. Taking out some friends for a day of fun does not have to resort to putting along at slow speeds. The modern pontoon boat handles well at all different speeds.

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Boating Safety Tips

No boater ever intends to run into problems out on the water, although there are a variety of issues that could present themselves without a moment’s warning. That is why it is important to be prepared. Putting together the following list of boating safety equipment is a must for any boat owner.

Distress signals

Every boater should make sure all the necessary distress signals on board are functional. This includes working flares, which are seen better at night while orange smoke is a better distress signal for daylight hours. In the event that you get caught in a fog, distress signals that make noise come in particularly handy. Make sure a working air horn or loud bell is on board.

Mount fire extinguisher

It is one thing to have a fire extinguisher on board, but you need to be able to locate it quickly in an emergency situation. It helps to mount your fire extinguisher in a location that is easily accessible. Should a fire extinguisher be needed, you want to be able to access it with ease.

Check life jackets

Your boat should have a life jacket for every person on board. Furthermore, each life jacket should be buoyant enough to keep people afloat. Life jackets that sit around for years can lose their effectiveness. Also, make sure to regularly check the straps and buckles on all those life jackets.

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Radio in

Not all cell phones work away from land, so there is also a chance you will need to communicate by some other means out on the water. A boat that is equipped with a VHF radio is going to be able to call for help if needed. If something goes awry when you are out to sea or on a remote lake, there is an immediate means to call for help.

Stock emergency kit

A first-aid kit can come in very handy, but only if it is stocked properly. Make sure your first-aid kit is up to par and it also helps to have a working flashlight on board. Your emergency kit should include some backup batteries for your flashlight in case you run into trouble in the dark.

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Maintaining Your Boat in the Summer

Bigstock Side View Speeding Fishing Mot 311087704 Many boaters are very careful to prepare their boats for winter storage. However, similar areas of concentration should not be ignored during the summer months. Here is a look at some ways boaters can maintain their boats while they are in the water.

Check oil
Keep an eye on the oil and don’t ignore it just because you may have recently had it changed. Low oil levels could be a sign that there is a leak. Prior to the summer, the oil, filter and gear lube should all be changed. Unlike a car, there is no oil light that comes on to signify that there is a problem.

Light up
Even if you use your boat primarily in the day, it is a good idea to check the lights. In the event that the lights do not work, you can attempt to clean the socket with sandpaper. And before going out and buying a whole new fixture, you could attempt to replace the sockets, which is a much cheaper fix.

Bottom inspection
When you are anchored and the engine is turned off, take a dip in the water and inspect the bottom of the boat. Most times, the transom and hull is in need of a scrubbing. Remember that removing any growth from underneath your boat should not remove any of the paint. Be mindful of how forceful you are when cleaning the boat bottom.

Empower your steering
Summer heat can take its toll on your boat’s steering. With several different types of steering systems common on boats, it is important to understand how your steering operates. Mechanical rack or rotary systems are prevalent on outboard boats. Keeping the steering tube on these systems properly lubricated is a must to prevent jamming. Hydraulic steering systems require topping off the hydraulic fluid periodically and checking for leaks. Over time, the seals in hydraulic systems may develop leaks and must be replaced. Most stern drive boats will have power steering pumps similar to cars. Check the fluids in these systems periodically and top them off as needed.

Keep a clean hull
Keeping a clean hull is key to maintaining a properly functioning boat. A failure to maintain the hull of your boat could lead to burning an excess amount of fuel and poor performance. In our local lakes, algae will accumulate on hulls and pontoons rapidly. Algae adds weight, causes drag and is unsightly. Scrubbing the hull with a soft bristle brush or sponge is an efficient way to remove algae and avoid any summertime problems.

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How to Choose the Right Cover For Your Boat

Pexels Djordje Petrovic 2797001 Cropped The elements of nature can do a lot of damage to boats, especially to ones that are not fitted with the right cover. That is why it is extremely important to protect your boat from harsh weather with the right kind of cover.

It’s simple to say that you should cover your boat when it is not in use. However, not any old cover or tarp will do. It’s best to find the cover that is recommended for your exact make and model of boat. There are also custom covers available for purchase, which come in snap-down or tie-down varieties.

The important thing to remember is to buy a cover that fits your exact boat. Size is very important as you need a cover that fits the exact dimensions of your boat. The way to find the length of the centerline of your boat is by measuring the very tip of the bow all the way back to the middle of the stern. Also, be sure to account for any extensions you may have on your boat. Measuring the beam width of your boat is done by calculating the measurements of your boat at its widest point.

Once you have the right dimensions, the next step is choosing a fabric. There is a wide variety to choose from, including cotton, acrylic, polyester and more. The choice of fabric should be based upon the conditions your boat will have to stand up to.

If you are storing your boat in an area where there is a lot of sunlight, look for a cover that has protection from UV rays. Should you store your boat in an area that has a lot of humidity, choose a fabric that guards against a buildup of mildew. In the event that a good amount of snow and rain will fall where you store your boat, choose a fabric that is durable.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of accessories for boat covers as well. And it is always important to do some upkeep on your cover. It’s a good idea to pad the windshield before putting on your boat cover. And it is always recommended to dry your boat cover before putting it away.

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